Bitumen 60/70

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Penetration Graded Bitumen 60/70 is high quality asphalt, derived from crude petroleum refining. It is dark in color and possesses waterproofing and adhesive properties. It is substantially non-volatile and softens gradually when heated.2.Uses:This grade is used as binders of mineral aggregates in asphalt concrete and hot laid plant mix for highways, airports, parking areas, driveways and curbs. 3.Specification:
4. Safe Handling and Storage:
4.1 Handling:

  • Use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE’s) when handling (i.e. , eye protectors, etc.)
  • Maintain safe heating temperatures when using this product
  • Avoid contact with skin, eyes and clothing
  • Avoid breathing vapor, spray or mists when applying.

4.2 Storage:
4.2.1 Drums:
Keep drums in a cool, well-ventilated place.

5. Packaging:
Penetration graded Bitumen 60/70 is available in 0.6 mm thickness, 180 kg net weight drums, 95 cm height and 45 cm diameter (+/- 3 kg operational tolerance)

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