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Coir Geotextile: A Versatile to Enhance Road Stability

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Coir Geotextile from Petra Oil: Paving the Way for Sustainable Road Infrastructure

Coir Geotextile

Coir Geotextile is a coir yarn material, significantly used for infrastructural works on roads and pavement. Coir Geotextile stands as a versatile and sustainable choice, epitomizing efficacy in diverse road construction applications. This 100% natural and biodegradable solution not only ensures eco-friendly infrastructure but also excels in promoting road stability, reducing rutting, and fortifying soil. The remarkable advantages of Coir Geotextile are exceptional durability, resistance to rot, and fostering vegetation. Coir Geotextile is not only used to build roads but also to safeguard the environment.   Petra Oil, a leading Dubai-based enterprise, spearheads the global promotion of Coir Geotextile as an eco-friendly solution. Their advocacy emphasizes Coir’s ability to maintain aggregate cleanliness, prevent fines migration, resist saline water, and safeguard roads against erosion, particularly in areas with heavy rainfall or poor soil quality. This concerted effort between Coir’s attributes and Petra Oil’s advocacy underscores a significant shift towards sustainable practices in road infrastructure development.

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Coir Geotextiles make a flexible paving system by interconnecting between the subbase and the soft subgrade to avoid mixing particles of two different soil layers.


Coir Geotextiles absorb the excessed overflowed water from structures such as rainwater and discharge it promotes vegetation.


Coir Geotextiles are permeable material to filter water excluding the soil particles and larger stones from structures.  It reduces damage to the roads and risks of flooding.


Earth Structures are reinforced by filling materials using heavy coir geotextiles. It enhances the bearing capacity of roads, which extends the life span of roads and reduces the maintenance cost.


Erosion Control and Slope Stability

Geotextiles are an excellent material for resistance to rot and prevent soil erosion as they filter as well as drain water and prevent mitigation of soil along the slope.

Emma Newman

Emma Newman

Chief Architect

We engaged Paul Trueman of quarty Studio to manage the planning process and to design and manage a full renovation and remodelling of our 1930s house. We really enjoyed working with Paul. We would not hesitate to
recommend Paul and Quarty.

Long life span of roads

Geotextiles block rutting, cracking and erosion on the roads and make soil stabilization. As it prevents damage from heavy traffic loads and moisture which increases the life span of roads.

Emma Newman

Emma Newman

Chief Architect

We engaged Paul Trueman of quarty Studio to manage the planning process and to design and manage a full renovation and remodelling of our 1930s house. We really enjoyed working with Paul. We would not hesitate to
recommend Paul and Quarty.


The material's durability minimizes maintenance costs, and its resistance to rot ensures a longer lifespan, translating to sustained economic efficiency.

Improved safety

Coir Geotextiles help prevent accidents on roads by enhancing overall stability, reducing the risk of surface erosion, and maintaining a solid road foundation. With improved stability and reduced hazards, Coir Geotextiles contribute to safer driving conditions on roads.


Coir Geotextile materials reduce environmental impact as its derived from coir yarn and break down naturally over time. Additionally, their application promotes soil stability, minimizes the need for harmful chemical additives, and encourages vegetation.

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Coir mats, eco-friendly and biodegradable, naturally decompose without harmful residues.

Outstanding Durability

Outstanding Durability

Coir’s natural resistance to moisture, UV radiation, ensures that road made from this versatile fibre last a long time

Natural Drainage

Natural Drainage

They allow for natural drainage, water to drip into the soil and reduce the risk of accumulation and road damage.

Solution for erosion

Solution for erosion

Coir's erosion control applications, like geotextiles and blankets, are vital for ecosystem protection and reducing landslide impact.

Slope Stabilization

Slope Stabilization

These mats improve the stability of steep road road embankments, lowering the risk of landslides and preserving road intergrity

Temporary Roads

Temporary Roads

Coir mats create stable surfaces for construction and access roads in unstable soil areas, supporting vehicles and machinery

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