We supply bitumen products in drums, bitutainers & jumbo bags to a wide range of contractors working on local roads, state/national highways, bridges, airport runways, and many other custom paving projects. Petra Oil is a one-stop partner that can source products from refineries around the world and delivery them to clients in remote locations. Our full supply chain includes sourcing, packing, finance, logistics, customs to the destination of our customers. Our clients are local and international road contractors working throughout many regions who have chosen us time after time to be their strategic partner in their supply chain.

We are currently focused on the following geographic areas:

  • Africa
  • Pacific Islands and Australia
  • Middle East
  • Southeast Asia
  • We are also working on expansion throughout the Americas and Canada

Petra Oil always stands committed to the 3 Ps of road construction:

We strive to offer the most competitive prices available with financing options while always taking into account the demands and constraints of local contractors.

We employ rigorous quality control measures and employ test labs such as (SGS, Bureau Veritas, and Geochem) to ensure that all products conform to industry standards as well as local authorities' regulations.

We work with various service providers to ensure timely delivery of all products to the project site while working closely with logistical agents to eliminate any possible delays.

Recent research by the Asian Development Bank indicates that the Asian and African continents have an infrastructure spending deficit of 26 Trillion USD.The belt and road is a modern continuation of the ancient Silk Road which connected China to the rest of the World. The BRI was first officially launched in 2013 by president Xi Jinping. It is also known as the One Road One Belt initiative.

Aims of the Belt and Road Initiative

The main principal of the BRI is that it aims to “promote the connectivity of Asian, European and African continents and their adjacent seas, establish and strengthen partnerships among the countries along the Belt and Road, set up all-dimensional, multi-tiered and composite connectivity networks, and realize diversified, independent, balanced and sustainable development in these countries.” As a modern continuation of the medieval Silk Road road the BRI project aims to connect China with Asia Africa Europe and the Middle East.

Petra Oil Bitumen Collaboration with the BRI.

Petra Oil Bitumen has been in collaboration with Chinese companies in participation with the BRI.Understanding the various needs and requirements of the contractors while providing competitive prices Petra Oil takes pride in being a partner with the Government of China and the respective players of this initiative.
亚洲开发银行最近的研究表明,亚洲和非洲大陆的基础设施支出赤字为 26 万亿美元。
“一带一路”是古代丝绸之路的现代延续,将中国与世界连接起来。 “一带一路”倡议于 2013 年由国家主席习近平首次正式启动。 它也被称为“一带一路”倡议。


一带一路”倡议的主要宗旨是“促进亚欧非大陆及邻近海域互联互通,建立和加强沿线国家伙伴关系,建立全方位、多层次、 构建互联互通网络,在这些国家实现多元化、自主、平衡、可持续发展 作为中世纪丝绸之路的现代延续,“一带一路”项目旨在连接中国与亚非欧洲和中东。


佩特拉石油沥青一直与中国公司合作参与“一带一路”倡议。 了解承包商的各种需求和要求,同时提供有竞争力的价格 。 佩特拉石油公司以成为中国政府的合作伙伴和该倡议的相关参与者而自豪。



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