Grade 60/70

Description_60/70 Unit 60/70 Grade Test Method
Specific Gravity @ 25°C Kg/Cm3 1.01/1.06 ASTM D70
Penetration @ 25°C MM/10 60/70 ASTM D5
Softening Point °C °C 48/56 ASTM D36
Ductility @ 25°C CM 100 Min ASTM D113
Loss on Heating (wt) % WT % 0.2 Max ASTM D6
Drop in Penetration after Heating % % 20 Max ASTM D5-D6
Flash Point °C °C 250 Min ASTM D92
Solubility is CS2 (wt) % WT % 99.5 Min ASTM D4
Spot Test @ Negative AASHOT 102


Penetration Graded Bitumen 60/70 is high-quality asphalt, derived from crude petroleum refining. It is dark in color and possesses waterproofing and adhesive properties. It is substantially non-volatile and softens gradually when heated.


Bitumen 60/70 is commonly used for the production of hot mix asphalt for the base and wearing courses. a thinner pavement design Usage: The main common usage of bitumen 60/70 is being used in the manufacturing of hot mix asphalt for the base and wearing courses. Due to its high level of viscosity, it enables a thinner pavement engineering design and an overall 30 percent reduction in the amount of asphalt being applied.

Safe Handling and Storage:


Use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE’s) when handling (i.e. gloves, eye protectors, etc.)
Maintain safe heating temperatures when using this product
Avoid contact with skin, eyes, and clothing
Avoid breathing vapor, spray, or mists when applying.



Keep drums in a cool, well-ventilated place.


Penetration graded Bitumen 60/70 is available in 0.6 mm thickness, 180 kg net weight drums, 95 cm height and 45 cm diameter (+/- 3 kg operational tolerance)

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