Solutions for Packing and Logistics

Petra Oil offers a full supply chain based solution to its clients depending on their project requirement and locations. From the beginning of the project we source the right product and assist with consultant approvals while delivering our bitumen to any destination in the world ensuring that the contractor reaches their project deadlines and milestones.

Petra Oil Bitumen can be transported upto site in drums, jumbo bags or in bitutainer depending on the requirement of the clients.


Our drums come in net weight sizes of 150 kgs, 180 kgs and 200 kgs. They are all manufactured from European standard new steel sheets. Thickents can also be customized from 0.6 mm thickness to 1.00 mm thickness. Drums are transported in 20 FT container with a net weight of 20 MTS and 40 FT containers with 26 mts.



The jumbo bag consists of an inner lining with a weight ratio of 800gm for 1 MT of bitumen. The inner lining is an absolutely consumable inner lining.Once filled at the loading point the hot bitumen then becomes cold and solidifies. The bitumen contained in the jumbo bag then remains cold and solid.



A bitutainer is the appropriate medium of transport for bitumen, emulsion and asphalt. As bulk bitumen can not be transported in a normal ocean container the bitutainers allows the contractor the ideal mechanism to both transport bitumen to remote locations as we as well as allowing for heating at site.

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