A bitutainer is the appropriate medium of transport for bitumen, emulsion and asphalt. As bulk bitumen can not be transported in a normal ocean container the bitutainers allow the contractor the ideal mechanism to both transport bitumen to remote locations as we as well as allowing for heating at the site.

24Mt IMO1 Rated Bitutainer™

Model TR-T-778 (For Direct Fire Heating)

Suitable for Storage and Fully Intermodal for Transportation of Hot Liquid Bitumen, Emulsions, Light and Heavy Fuel Oils

Nominal Capacity 24,000 Litres ISO 1496 Part 3 - Type 75 “Tank Containers” Inner Vessel Pressure Tested to 4bar High Performance factory fitted heating tubes Baffled design allows Partial Payloads to be carried High Value Factory Installed Insulation and Pressed Corten Steel Outer Skin Fully Framed with Corner Twist Locks with Damage Reinforcement Plates UN Coded T3 (IMO1 rated) Tank Container with Lloyds Approval

Heating equipment required: Quick Fit Diesel Burner Set Stainless Steel Flame Liners

Ratings: Max GW 30,000 Kgs Payload 24,000 Kgs Tare Wt. <6,000 Kgs

Measures: Length 6058mm (20’) Width 2438mm (8’) Height 2591 mm (8’6”) Fully IMDG Compliant with ADR/RID, US DOT/TC

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